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Winter on the High Prairie

This was originally going to be a colour HDR, so it's a stack of 5 bracketed images, but I decided I liked it better converted to B&W and edged towards high key. I kept the whole stack for this, even though I didn't really need it, because I liked the extra sharpness given when processed by PhotoAcute.

It was a very blustery day and there are lots of ice crystals in the air, especially noticeable in the second image.

Question: Is this "high key" enough or is there more processing anyone might recommend?

Below is one of the original colour images belonging to the stack above. This is the darkest of the lot, processed upward from RAW, with some PwL to enhance the funky colours in the snow. I think I like its grittier look.

So, any opinions as to whether the colour or b&w works better?

These are in the DPR gallery, so you can click twice to get the largest size images.

Lens Grit

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