Upgrading from Pentax K100d Super

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Roger Burfitt New Member • Posts: 7
Upgrading from Pentax K100d Super

iI have a pair of K100d Super DSLRs' I tend to have a Kit 18-55mm on one camera and a Pentax F 70-200 zoom on the other. I also have a 28mm and 50mm Pentax primes from my old film camera which I use in manual mode when wider apertures are called for

Being on a limited budget my dilemma is a this.

Would I be better off

a) investing in better zoom lenses and staying with the K00ds. If so, which lenses would offer sufficiently improved picture quality to justify the investment.

b) upgrading to a K-M or even a K-5 body and staying with the lenses I have

c) Stay as I am until I can afford a K-5 and a decent couple of lenses

d Moving away from Pentax to Canon or Nikon and if so which of their current entry level or next level up models would give a worthwhile improvement over the performance I can achieve from the K100d

Most of my photos are displayed on a PC monitor - Occasionally I will have a few printed up to A4 size

Any advice from those who have considered a similar upgrade would be much appreciated


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