Oly High-Pro lenses, what will they be?

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Re: Oly High-Pro lenses, what will they be?

papillon_65 wrote:

I do not believe the Oly 12-60mm can be replicated in terms of quality and much in the way of size, without a huge compromise in IQ. Big zooms need lots of glass. The smallest high quality zoom available is the Zuiko 14-54mm. This is more likely to be replicated but will still be larger than most will be happy with, unless it is compromised optically. There is no way around it, at least no manufacturer has managed it to date. I suspect something like the 14-54mm with a max aperture of 3.5-4.5 or maybe a constant F4.

this is going to sound pointed, and I don't mean it that way, it's a serious question:

Are you a lens designer? Why cant it be smaller? Look at the 7-14!

A 1 stop advantage over the current lenses will make price a factor. If it comes down to it, would rather see less zoom range (ex 12-45) and at least a full 2 stop advantage over the current offerings. Of course it is going to come out bigger and more expensive than the current lenses, I'm OK with that.

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