Damned Old FZ18

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Re: Damned Old FZ18

Ah, the perfect FZ50 is just around the corner. OVF, 3" 460,000 pixel LCD (non-tilt!), good to ISO 800, starts at 24mm, same beautiful exquisite Leica lens (internally zooming, 12x optical is plenty), don't care about video, no focus wandering...uh, wait, I must be dreaming. I think we've had his discussion haven't we? In the meantime my DSLRs already do that except for that darn Leica lens.

Vandyu wrote:

Too bad Panny seems to think that serious shooters like to use a camera that does, indeed, feel like a lightweight--despite its image quality. That's one thing that has bothered me about every Panasonic I've looked at since the FZ20 that I owned in 2004. I must exclude the FZ30-50. Those cameras felt like a camera, as I recall. But, the FZ18-40 seem to have a very thin plastic body. I am still waiting to see the FZ100. I agree that either Fuji or Panny will come up with another great superzoom. Canon has lost its way, IMO. The SX30 has its fan base, but I don't care for it.
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