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vladi1234567 wrote:

Thank you!

Probably it's not very scientific, but when I got the camera and took a picture - the file number was 100-0570 (100 being a folder number, and 0570 being an actual file number). So I knew the previous owner had taken only 570 pictures with this camera.

If I were to reset the file numbers in the menu - it would go to 101-0001. If I were to take 5 pictures and reset it again - it would go to 102-0001 and so on. In which case it would be impossible to tell if the camera actually took a thousand pictures and reset by itself, or if it was reset manually at some point. But in my case - since it still was at 100-0570 - I knew it had not been reset - because then it would not be at 100-0570, but something higher than 100.

But - if the camera has never been reset - you can tell the number of actuations by the file number - for example, I sold my first FZ50 with the last file name of P1030729 - which means I took 3,729 pictures with it.

I hope this makes sense

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Yes it make perfect sense, thank you very much.
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