645d resolution comparison: K5 / K10d / Leica M9 / Canon 5d MkII

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The answer and a correction

The right answer is 1: M9, 2: 5d, 3: K-5, 4: K10.

If you tally up the vote, almost everyone got the M9 and 5d right, but the vote on 3 and 4 is almost evently split between K5 and K10. Some noticed rightly that 4 must be K-10 as it shows upsampling artifacts from going from 10MP -> 40MP that you don't quite see in 3. But 3 didn't look quite as crisp / more blurry, leading some to vote K-5 for 4 instead.

When I posted orginally yesterday, I thought that 3's softness is due to AA filter on the K-5, but having thought about this more the difference between the 18MP M9 and 16MP K-5 appeared too great so I reshot this to double check. The reshoot shows the K-5 to be more capable, the detail level actually comes much closer to that of the Leica. I include the orginals and the upsamples of the reshoot from the morning. I am not sure what was wrong with the orginal K-5 shot (at 1/1000th of a second with static motive, my best guess is focus slightly off), apologies. The remaining original photos apper to have been good so I did not reshoot the whole lot.


There is still less detail in the K-5 as you would expect given 35mm vs. 50mm, stronger AA filter and 16MP vs 18MP. But the difference is a little more subtle.

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