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Re: I've heard...

I have the Benro Travel Angel 198 legs and head. Mine has travelled with me on a 5 day blackpacking / hiking trip to Yosemite and worked very well both in terms of compactness and ability to comfortably support my e-620 + 12-60 kit.

Here's a 60 daytime second exposure from last week taken with the legs + head and my gf1 kit of the Manhattan skyline.

While I agree with the above statement that the head is the weak part of the setup (compared to Gitzo kits that I've seen), there was NOTHING in the $200 price range I got mine for that had anywhere near this level of finish or durability and it is able to support my e-1+50-200 no problem. The comparison is akin to knowing that a D3 can take "better" pictures in the dark than my 43 and m43 bodies... oh well.

If I were you, I would worry less about these sorts of comparisons and go out and take some pictures.


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