LR3 - getting accurate white balance

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Re: LR3 - getting accurate white balance

The Sage Knows wrote:

Even blurring the target white balance card before taking its picture doesn't prevent color noise from settling into the image.

I agree, nothing but shooting at the native ISO will keep color noise at a minimum, and even there will be some color noise.

When I use the 7D's native ISO and blur the image I can still see some small variations in measured WB from place to place in LR. Blurring out the image of the white balance card helps a lot, but it not eliminate all variations in the WB measurement. I usually do several WB measurements in LR than manually enter something close to an average.

My workaround is to set a custom WB in the camera with the whibal card and not deal with it in post. At least the camera sensor "averages" a lot more than 3x3 pixels.

You bring up a valid point, but does anyone really know how specific cameras set white balance and how many pixels they use to do it?

With my Canon 7D the white balance card is supposed to cover about 1/4 of the image area and be centered in the image. Does that mean that all the pixels within this area are used, or are only some of them used? The manual simply doesn't say how the white card image is used to determine the custom white balance and I doubt that Canon wants to tell anyone.

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