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Re: G12 at Costco.com -- Chk B&H Photo ...

let me take back what I said about BESTBUY not matching online prices.. I had tried again yesterday only because I was at a best buy again...

well that's true-- example I live in Southern California and I was showing them B&H (New York) prices..

the customer service clerk told me..they want a store that is within their area..

so I took pics of Walmart and Costco prices on my cell phone.. and went to another BestBuy (not the sameone from previous try) , because i was in that area by coincidence.. and BINGO! they matched the $449 or $459... online price! (I think the customer service person thought that Walmart and Costco-- had the actual cameras in the stores) ..

so I got my G12 for $450 - $155 in rewards dollars = $295 PLUS I got the $50 gift card (for buying $500 using a coupon they mailed me for teh hoildays!) ! plus tax..

The $50 Holiday was used to purchase an Xbox 360 Kinect for my son .. so itwas $300- $50 = $250

that was a lot of money saved

from a potential of $500 (Camera) + $300 (Xbox Kinect bundle) = $800 +tax

to $295 + $250 = $545 +tax only

plus 12 month to pay as as cash

johnparas11zenfoliodotcom wrote:

too bad best buy doesn't match online prices.. UGH!

I have a BB card with points etc.. and 12 months to pay..

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