Made in China MANFROTTOs

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Re: Made in China MANFROTTOs

I tend to agree and will not touch Manfrotto again since a plastic clamp blew out.
Plastic under pressure and POOFFF !

Replacement? Don't be foolish. Will they replace a camera too and no arguments?
Fortunately it happend during setup so only the tripod is garbage (recycled).

Too bad it was a lower priced ball head, but there is better stuff from Velbon which has become my best tripod and it has levels. I don't need a bigger more expensive tripod to double as a construction crane.

While you can see some very good quality coming from China there is no control on what products get it and which don't and for how long. To the eye everything looks good like knockoffs.

Watch out for the people who say they will move your buisiness to China while you are on vacation and save you money at the same time.

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