If you had to choose between Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 USM L and...

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Re: If you had to choose between Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 USM L and...

Peter 13 wrote:

MAC wrote:

The third one would have benefited a bit from 1) f2.8; 2) and would have benefited a lot from FF and F2.8

I shot the f4 non-IS for years on crop. f2.8L on FF gets the benefit of shallow dof of the FF compounded by the shallow dof of the f2.8 versus the f4. From my view, the difference would be dramatic for shot #3, the subject would be more dramatically isolated in the scene.

Actually, I want to be able to see the background on #3.

But you are right. I gave up trying to get a shallow DOF and great background blur on a crop body. I would need the 200/2 or the 85/1.4 for what I want to do. I tried the 100L on a crop body - not good enough for me on a crop. My plans are to get an FF body when the 5DIII gets out or if I get a good deal on the 5DII.

I was surprised to see how different my 70-200/4 IS performed on the 5DII. Better than the 70-200 f/2.8 IS Mk II on a crop, I guess. I knew the theory but seeing it with my eyes was an eye opener.

Ok Peter, I'll be watchin! Best advice I can give in order to understand the crop vs FF difference is to read Andy's DPReveiw on the 100L and see the difference between the 100L on a 50d and the 100L on the 5dii.--ie, compare the blue/green zones and MTF's. Read about Andy's surprise when he put the 100L on FF. Understand the glass to body match whatever system we buy. It is the glass to body match that will technically make the difference in special shots that the photographer can make. These days I'm into environmental portraits without flash while dragging the shutter at hi iso indoors. All the best in the new year with the technology

5di, 100L, iso3200, ss 1/50, f2.8, handheld

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