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Re: The proof is in the technology

Chato wrote:

The various trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and WTO enforcement all all part of International Corporate plans to be able to find the cheapest wages anywhere in the where, and whith no impediment to charging the most for these goods.

Thank you. You hit the nail on the head.

These Corporations take their profits from the West, and invest it in high tech machinary in Third World countries. Naturally, they tell us it's the fault" of greedy unions. But plain and simple it's the greed of these companies. My example of Computer keyboards should have proved that. Modern machinary, with Union wages, and we still have the Cheapest keyboards.

I'll give you another example- printer ink.

We all know how high the cost of printer ink is. The NY Times did an article a while back that estimated the cost at over $10,000 a gallon.

So when I go to the store, and buy my very expensive HP ink cartridges, I see on the package they are made in Malaysia.

With the profits those SOB's are making, you would think they could at least make them here.

Moreover, as another posted has said, even if a company WANTS to stay in America, they can't because they can't compete with these slave wages.

It comes down to the bottom line, nothing more. They can exploit the workers in third world countries by paying slave wages, and they can poison their environments because there is no regulation.

They save tons of money, and their profits increase to levels that are truly staggering.

It's no longer acceptable to a company to make a decent product, and sell it for a reasonable price. If 100% profit is good, then 200, 400, 1000, or even 10,000% profit is even better.

The ludicrous and the ironic meet here, because right wing propaganda warns us of a leftist world government, while the real world government is the WTO, unelected and anonymous they decide our economic and political fates.

Don't forget the IMF and the World Bank in this diabolical equation....

But not to worry, as more and more illegals pour across our borders, they'll have the legions of slaves they're looking for willing to work for next to nothing. Then they'll start making stuff here again.

But unfortunately, since we Americans are used to a somewhat better lifestyle, we won't be able to survive on those wages and we'll probably all wind up living in Hooverville's by then.

Candice in PA

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