Adobe RGB or sRGB on D7000 going into lightroom 3.3

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TIPs for RAW shooters

I say shoot sRGB for one reason only.

Before I say why, I will let you know that for RAW shooters it is a moot point to choose any color space over another as your RAW converter will be the area you need to pay attention. RAW files don't have a color space till one is assigned during conversion.

Now...with that said, you are probably wondering why I still recommend sRGB.

Well your rear screen IS an sRGB device and will give you the closest rendition on that screen if it comes from an sRGB look at your file.

Usually I dial my rear screen down a notch or two (my current D300 is set to -1 for brightness) and it is scary how close to my calibrated monitor it is.

This can be helpful in the field.

My other settings are set to neutral as well as it will display better the DR of the scene (blinkies) than other curves applied.

Now in ACR, I have that set to ProPhotoRGB (a HUGE color space) then upon import to photoshop I convert down to the betaRGB color space. (usually about perfect for most modern DSLRs) Its a free color space, just Google it.


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