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The proof is in the technology

The various trade agreements such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and WTO enforcement all all part of International Corporate plans to be able to find the cheapest wages anywhere in the where, and whith no impediment to charging the most for these goods.

These Corporations take their profits from the West, and invest it in high tech machinary in Third World countries. Naturally, they tell us it's the fault" of greedy unions. But plain and simple it's the greed of these companies. My example of Computer keyboards should have proved that. Modern machinary, with Union wages, and we still have the Cheapest keyboards.

Moreover, as another posted has said, even if a company WANTS to stay in America, they can't because they can't compete with these slave wages.

The ludicrous and the ironic meet here, because right wing propaganda warns us of a leftist world government, while the real world government is the WTO, unelected and anonymous they decide our economic and political fates.


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To be fair, lots of things that we use daily would be a lot more expensive if they are not made in some 'Third World' countries.

Sorry, I don't buy that. It's propaganda. It's what the corporations and the government want you to believe, to justify their lack of ethics.

See how the price of big screen TVs has come down. Here in Sydney, a Sony 55-in LCD is selling for less than $1700. How much would it cost if it is manufactured in Japan?

How much would it cost if made in the USA...? Japan has a much higher cost of living than the USA.

If it is cheaper, they would have made it in the USA.

And how much has the cost of... say... men's briefs- gone UP - way up- since moving production facilities to Honduras and Thailand?

I just bought some 3 packs for my husband. Prices ranged $14-21 for a 3 pack- made in Honduras. What do they cost to make there- twenty five cents a pair?

The price is similar here.

Give me a freaking break.

You know what I said last time when someone ask me to give him a break.

I remember when good old USA made Fruit of the Looms used to cost my husband less than half that much and they lasted for years. Now he gets 6 months from a pair of these overpriced shoddily made undies.

But I'm sure the CEO of the company got a nice fat bonus this year.

It's a damned disgrace. And I don't blame the consumer, because most of us would buy American if we could. But we aren't offered the choice, as nothing is made here any more.

I share your grievance, the high cost of living is also unbearable here.
Australia, home forever.

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