World's best camera, more of Ken Rockwell's hyperbole.

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Re: World's best camera, more of Ken Rockwell's hyperbole.

Ok. I see. I never really put a D200 through the paces in a setting like a wedding. I have the S5, D300 and D700. I will say that even though both Nikons are worlds better in terms of body performance, resolution, and high ISO (700), they take MUCH more post processing of raw images to get skin tones, especially in mixed indoor lighting, the way I want them.

yeah, my d200, on AWB, more or less nails colors unless i'm under incandescent light. i've put it on neutral everything, and auto tone compensation, and that seems to work best for me. while i do PP, i generally leave the color alone unless i've truly messed up WB (like, shooting AWB under incandescents). it's not quite as nice as the s5, from what i've seen, but i've never had to correct for it. even still, d200/d300/d700 is nicer that some of the other stuff out there.

the ISO thing is to be expected, though. that was fantastic high ISO performance when it came out, and it's probably at least two stops better than the d200 it's based on. the d200 just plain sucks in high ISO. i've shot it 3200, and even exposing well, it's just not fun. the d300 and d700 are the next generation up, and one's full-frame. they're bound to be better.

The S5 you can put in AWB and just shoot and everyone always looks beautiful (that is unless you miss the shot because AF couldn't keep up, buffer was full, etc.)

the AF is the d200. AF is not fantastic. i find that i get fast, good focus with my AFS lenses (17-55, 70-200 vr1), but not so much my D and non-D lenses (50mm 1.4, 70-210 4-5.6). maybe my "screwdriver" just sucks, i dunno. focus is noise, slow, and inaccurate. very frustrating the use.

the buffer? i dunno what fuji was thinking. the d200's buffer wasn't great by any means, and the s5 is worse . the whole software is slow, slow, slow. i think they were aimed at studio use. they cycled fast enough for that.

I really wish Fuji had stayed aggressively in the game and developed a FF version of that sensor at about 16+16mp and managed to get Nikon to part with some D700 bodies. That would have been a sweet portrait/wedding cam.

wedding photos would be all over that. they were all over the s5.

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