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Re: I have a mixture of pro and

Good question. Here's what I've found in my experience, a decent lens (kit quality) will look very similar to a pro lens at f/8 in terms of sharpness. What pro lenses give, are not only wide AND constant apertures often, they maintain a high AND consistent sharpness across the entire range while staying contrasty (unlike consumer lenses sharp at short end and soft at long end with smaller aperture). Aberrations and distortion are often better controlled and build and AF are superior. The 2-3x zooms have image quality very close to or as good as primes. If you want to build a quality set up and don't want to spend on the Nikon 14-24/24-70/70-200, you can find some alternatives like 17-50/28-75 f/2.8 Tammys and 70-200 Tammy/Sigma for similar performance. You won't get everything that the Nikon's give you, but value-for-money, they may be a better deal.

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