Eye-Fi card in a 1D MK IV

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Re: Eye-Fi card in a 1D MK IV

Mel Boonstra wrote:

I have, transfer speeds are horrible slow in my version, newest one supposed to be better I have heard. Personally I feel mine was a waist of purchase. I can not connect to a adhoc connection no matter what, which is what I bought it for, with location work on the notebook. I sent several emails to them (6), they finally said they would ship me a new one. New one never showed up, after 3 months I emailed 12 more times and not one response! NOT ONE! Customer service is worse then the product. I simple would not suggest it to anyone.

really, really, REALLY sorry to hear about your experience with our support. We usually get accolades, but we're not perfect. Please contact us via email or phone, and give us another chance to make it right, and we will. If you'd like, send me more info about your support ticket # via a private message, and I'll have them contact you.

Thx --


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