Ziekos Battery grip for D90 (Battery Drain?)

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Re: Ziekos Battery grip for D90 (Battery Drain?)

Tadao 442 wrote:

I asked her about the battery settings in the custom settings menu for the MD80 battery pack. I pointed out that all options were for AA batteries and asked if I should choose AA Lithium since my En-El3e batteries are lithium ion. She said "That should be fine".... Great that's what I want to hear from a support tech.

The battery settings only apply when you use the included battery pack with AA batteries; has ZERO effect when using the Nikon EN-EL3E batteries.

My battery meter in the control panel always reads completely full (even when battery one was down to 20%) Nikon tech said that with a battery pack on the battery meter will always read full charge.

I have the Zeikos grip and both batteries drain together (i.e. over time both batteries have dropped some), but yes you can use just one.

This does not seem right to me. Is she correct again?

Don't think so


You're welcome

As for the OP, yes, I had serious battery drain. It's been replaced (warranty was expired but Zeikos let me buy a replacement at a very low price). Waiting to see if this one does it as well. If it does poorly as well I will start making serious issues. Those who say they haven't seen it may have gone through what I did. "Oh I must have left the camera on"..."Oh i must have left the grip switch on".

Or, they just go through batteries so fast they it doesn't have a chance to occur.

Problem is a test requires a month or so without using the camera. Set the camera down with fully charged batteries for two weeks (grip off). Note battery charge levels. Put grip on and repeat. I'll wager you see a noticeable difference.

I've just learned to take the batteries out when putting the camera away for a while...hope the new grip will make that unnecessary.

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