Upgrading to the 60D should I get body only or w/18-135 ?

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Re: Don't, Save and Don't

just got the 60D after selling my 20D all my lenses jumped up in resolution being as I didn't change anything there the abilities of the 60D smokes the 20D You are going to see that bump Also The 60D has ISO adjustments in 1/3 stops and does well at higher ISO what ISO are you normally shooting now..?

When I sold my 20D to a friend I offered to help her get a lens when I bought my camera body. We were looking at the 18-135 IS and almost got it. I held up for a moment and started looking around a better lens from Canon at a similar price. What came out in what I could see is

1. the 18-135 is a EFS lens one step above the kit lenses in quality
2. It does have good IS (4 stops)
3. Optically it's ok

If you were buying your first camera and had no lenses to work with the 18-135 would be a good starter lens. You have 2 lens now that till your money tree grows again will do well and your aware of what they will do.

What we settled on to match up to the 20D is the 28-135 IS Canon lens, not as wide but you already have that covered. This is an older lens and it's IS is good for only 2 stops. But it also is a full frame lens and your 60D sensor would use only the center of the lens. Trimming away most of any distortion off of the edges. It also has a USM AF motor better than the 18-135 lens. Optically this is a much superior lens than the 18-135 IS. They are the same speed so no gain there. But it usually cost the same as the 18-135 IS

I'm assuming allot but what I got out of your original post is if what you have will work for now. What would be a good walk about lens within $$$ reason till you could afford to seriously upgrade. So the 28-135 IS is my suggestion and as you use it. You might find you have a keeper.


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