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While I agree with you, Judy, and Simon too - about "Photoshop doing everything that LR can do - only often times more streamlined via LR (his point, and it appears yours as well) - My comments above had nothing to do with that line of reasoning. I mention this because, this branch of the post seems to have fallen below my post . Anyway - my point above (was, and still is) - that if it is Lens Correction workflow specifically, that the OP is looking to streamline... and . .. if he already has Photoshop CS5 - - - he owed it to himself to look into the same capabilities bundled in Camera Raw, and perhaps streamlining the other bits through automating his actions via the Image Processor script.

JudyN wrote:

Simon Garrett wrote:

When people say "there's nothing you can do in LR that you can't do in CS5" they are right, but perhaps missing a lot.

Those of us that use and like Lightroom (currently rather more than use PS, according to an October dpreview poll which has now, alas, disappeared) find that those same functions are done more easily, more efficiently and faster in LR.

I fully agree. I've been using Photoshop for years but I still much prefer to do the kind of editing that LR does in LR rather than Photoshop. I do use PS quite a bit but for cloning out things or adding things or plugins I like or when I want to use layers. But I am happy doing that through LR and coming back to LR for final tuning. Many people may be able to do without a pixel editing program like PS, but I can't. Even if you don't care for much post processing, there is that power line you'd like to remove, or that ex-spouse in a group photo...

I absolutely don't feel it is a strait jacket. It is wonderful.

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