The difference in quality.....

Started Dec 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
nikons52 Senior Member • Posts: 1,077
I have a mixture of pro and

consumer glass. Love um both. They each have their place. Does the 55-200 isolate like my 80-200 or 300 2.8? No. Can I shoot night football with my 55-200? No.

Does my 16-85vr produce the out of focus areas of my 80-200, 50 or 17-55? Well, no.... but I enjoy using them both.

Certainly the 55-200 does not have a "pro" build although the 16-85vr is much better. So yes there are differences and the "pro" lens let you do things not capable with the "consumer" lens but they each have their place and the 16-85 mostly stays on my D300.

Nikon builds quality lens, both "pro" and "consumer", and I don't feel you can go wrong with either class of glass.....

Taken yesterday on a brief "walk in the snow", first snow in 47 years at Christmas in my area. 55-200vr, slight crop.



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