Client not too happy with background.

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Re: this be job for photoshop nt

amobi wrote:

I posted an image which I already knew needs redoing. Also, I stated that as soon as I got to my client’s residence I realized that I was not prepared for the shoot but I went ahead with the shoot hoping for the best. So I have already acknowledged my error but the one picture I posted is not anywhere near as bad as some are describing it.

My question here was whether to redo for free or ask for something. Of course like usual some people ignored my question but proceed in telling me how bad I suck.

I appreciated all the advice I have gotten so far from talented individuals from this forum. At the same time I ignore or attack back those who like to insult and act as if they know what they are saying.

If all the outfits are this well defined, it's a simple job to cut around the edges and give the subjects a plain graduated background. I did one in 3 minutes and it doesn't look too bad ( 5 minutes and I could have fine tuned it a lot better).

Shooting subjects with fly away hair and laced edged garments and then you'd really have your work cut out but neat hats, hair and garments are an easy fix.

That being said, I think you should re-shoot and charge them no more than you've already charged (if they've paid or will still pay the fees).

You can spend more time with them and perhaps when they are satisfied with the service you may get more referrals (which will be better in the long term for your photography).

Personally, I think the picture looks ok and as a formal portrait does it's job well enough.

There will always be people who criticise (not all though will be diplomatic) but at the end of the day, critique is what makes us better photographers.

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