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Re: Right! Reduce all of us to equal poverty...

aus4ever wrote:

Chato wrote:

Corporations have had a year of record profits, while the rest of us worry about holding onto a job. And these same corporations, to save a few pennies, take these profits and invest in high tech equipment in the Third World.

To be fair, lots of things that we use daily would be a lot more expensive if they are not made in some 'Third World' countries.

Sorry, I don't buy that. It's propaganda. It's what the corporations and the government want you to believe, to justify their lack of ethics.

I'm sick of hearing that consumer demand for cheap products is driving outsourcing- because the products are NOT cheap to buy- just cheaply made and shoddy.

Corporations found out that they could outsource to countries with poverty wages, shave 90% off their manufacturing costs, and still charge the American consumer the same price for the product that used to be made here.

So the companies pocket the difference, it's record profits every year, stocks keep going up, and the consumer gets something that usually quickly breaks or falls apart.

What we have is greedy corporations, and a corrupt government that allows them to act like the way they do and screw the consumer time after time.

Candice in PA

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