Upgrading to the 60D should I get body only or w/18-135 ?

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Re: Upgrading to the 60D should I get body only or w/18-135 ?

Hmmm - with $$$ tight it becomes the most important factor it seems.

Since it is that tight - if it was me - I'd get the 60d for the fps ( and af ? ) and hold off on a new lens till I could afford to upgrade the glass to the " next level ".

imho - I don't see the 18-135 f3.5 as a " big " upgrade ( you have 17-250 pretty much covered ) . If me, I would go back and look at the pics I took and see what focal length and f stop were the most used. If you can stretch the $$$ and if they fit into your shooting style/technique you might consider the "70-200Lf4 non is " @ around $625 or the "15-85isf3.5" at around $725. Both have great reputations for image quality and represent a step up from entry level lens ( even 18-135 is only f3.5 also ) .

But they'd not give you a big bump if you need more low light help and the $$$ is too much - then I'd suggest maybe a good prime - maybe the 50f1.4 about $340 or the 100f2.0 for about $430 as both are closer to your price range .

And lastly - I'd rethink maybe springing for the ef 17-55isf2.8 for about $1050 to get really great IQ in low light and hold off on a new camera body - just thinking out loud.

( note - I quoted all prices as new at a reasonable dealer - ie B&H or such - they'd be cheaper w/used equipment should you choose that route )

just my $0.02

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