To 60D owners (lovers or haters)

Started Dec 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
OP Vincent Lindsay Regular Member • Posts: 492
Re: Great pics!

crazybadger wrote:

Great shots there Bobby. Really nice.

Only had the 60D a short while. So far no, my lenses have not required it. At least one of them usually does on my 7D. Chalk 1 up for the "I think canon did something funny to the focussing this time" crowd.

Hey Guys, lets not get off base here with discussions of if MFA would be useful or not, or "would you like MFA". There have been several threads on that subject already. I think the OP wanted to hear from actual owners to see know who has needed it and who hasn't.

Cheers Mike

Bingo. I keep reading threads of people blasting the camera for no MFA still, months later. So I want to know from people that have exp problems, example being birdman and his -12, needing nothing now.

Anyone else?

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