Why can't they make a FF body the size of Rollei 35 ?

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Re: Why can't they make a FF body the size of Rollei 35 ?

MysticX wrote:

I'm not a professional photographer, I just take pictures for fun and personal pleasure.

Most people on all of these boards are not professionals.

All I can say is, if they make it, I would definitely buy a mini FF camera that has:

FF 5-10mp sensor (many mp are not needed, lower is better)

No problem, they could use an older desogned sensor. But all of the camera companies have trained consumers to buy ONLY the highest pixel count. SO, many poeple are going to say that 10mp is not enough pixles.

fixed 30 or 35 or 45 mm lens f/2.8 non-interchangeable pancake (alternatively they can keep the EF mount but design a true pancake)

No problem.


Shouldn't be a problem.

can manual focus with scale/live assist (AF is optional but not absolutely required)

Shouldn't be a problem.

no heavier than 400g with batteries

Woops, that may be a problem.

no bigger than 12cmx8cmx5cm, I mean pocketable


and, under $1500 price

Stop everything. Big stinkin' honkin problem. No way that is going to happen.

Apparently, the big manufacturers don't show any sign of taking such an initiative, probably they say there's not market for that but I believe there are many that would buy even a let's say downgraded leica M9 if it existed and was $1500.

Am I wrong or what ?

Now, you MIGHT get all of those things in an APS sensor camera. Maybe even an APS-H camera.

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