A55 EVF vs LV Question

Started Dec 25, 2010 | Discussions thread
tom Senior Member • Posts: 2,724
Re: A55 EVF vs LV Question

62 year old eyes appreciate a view finder much more than an LCD rear screen. I've never been able to use bifocals.

To review shots on my DSLR I have to remove my distance glasses and hold the camera a couple of inches from my face. That's a very unsteady position as well as being a good way to lose my glasses. With my normal glasses on I have to hold the camera just a little further than arms length and then everything is too small to check focus.

If I'm set up on a tripod or in studio I can use the remove glasses method. But if I'm walking around that's just a good way to not see that hole I'm going to step in. With my bridge camera I gave up using the rear screen a few years ago. (And that's why I can't buy a NEX even though I want one for using with my manual focus lenses.


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