D7000, Hold off getting PSE 9 especially with a MAC.

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Greg lamont Regular Member • Posts: 302
D7000, Hold off getting PSE 9 especially with a MAC.

I have used Photo Elements since the beginning as I was and still a little light on my Computer skills.
I have NEVER encounter any problems with any of the first 8 versions.

The Adobe website/forum stated that if you bought a D7000 the new version of PSE would have to be purchased to be compatible.

The new version for me has been a complete nightmare.
I do not know weather it is because I have a MAC.

I say that because this is the first version that was issued for both the PC and Mac.
In the past a separate version was issued for the MAC about 4-6 months later.

If it were one issue I would not be that upset BUT there are so many issues that I have encountered initially I hesitate to think of what awaits me in the PP.

PSE now has a new area called Organizer and there in lies several problems.
Bridge no longer functions as it did either.

Unless you are a self masochist, wait until they correct the problems or they issue #10.

The problems are in both RAW and jPeg.

I have had to use ViewNX2 and then transfer to PSE.

I have to put all PP photos on the desktop to avoid the Organizer and Bridge issues.

Another issue was that I posted on the Adobe Forum and a few "so called experts" rather then address the issues started giving me 10 STEP workarounds.
That's right 10 steps.
The main purpose of PSE over PhotoShop was to avoid the multi task issues.

Let the Buyer beware, especially a MAC User.

If anyone with a PC has encountered issues please let the forum users know.


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