Made in China MANFROTTOs

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Right! Reduce all of us to equal poverty...

BRJR wrote:

Exactly, and then we're off to Africa and elsewhere to repeat the same kind of economic development and growth, until all of our global brothers and sisters (our global/world community) share more equality in global wealth/resources, as it should be.

Peter A. Stavrakoglou wrote:

That's right, back in my younger days "Made in Japan" meant it was junk. Now it's a sign of quality. We've seen Korean products go from poor to excellent, IMO. Hyundai and Samsung comes to mind. Chinese products are following the same path.
My humble photo gallery:

Corporations have had a year of record profits, while the rest of us worry about holding onto a job. And these same corporations, to save a few pennies, take these profits and invest in high tech equipment in the Third World.

Meanwhile US factories remain in the last century.

By a fluke of economics, computer keyboards are still made in the USA, and I can buy a decent key board for a mere $20 bucks. And this was because manufacturers invested in high technology. We are rapidly becoming a Third World country. This should please BNJR, whose main job is trolling, and no one as of yet is exporting that trade.


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