sharpness d80 vs s7000

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Re: sharpness d80 vs s7000

GMack wrote:

I've been using the "Single-point focus point" lately and the results are pretty much spot on -- "if" it locates what I want it to focus on. That's a big "IF" though.

I don't understand what you are talking about. When you chose the single point auto focus, YOU DECIDE where the focus point is, not the camera . You set your AF-Area Mode to single point. Your viewfinder displays an "S". Then you go onto the back of your camera and rotate the focus selector lock to the dot. Now you use the multi-selector to move the focus point to where ever you want it. Now the camera will only focus on the point you choose. That's the whole idea that I was talking about.

My D7000 camera does not always figure out the best point of focus and it will switch to some other selection on repeated pressings of the shutter button as to which 'It thinks' is the best focus spot. This has been driving me mad, especially when some cheap point-and-shoot Canon G-series can find a face, select that, and all is well even off some TV screen where it can find a face too and select that.

See above. You select the focus point, not the camera. Then you put the focus point right on top of what you want the camera to focus on.

I don't get why the Nikon jumps about so much on focus point selection where Canon seems to have nailed it (Canon is still way behind in their flash arena however). Example: One time it will find a flower pot on the table, next press of the shutter it will locate a face at the table, third press it may locate some chair's upright. It's pretty much a mix of what it will pick to focus on. Probably why Canon is the sport's photographers camera of choice.

If you do what I said the camera does not "jump about" at all. It just focuses exactly where you want it to focus.

I fear I may have to go back to the 'Old-style manual focus' idea and turn off the auto-focus entirely. Even after watching the Nikon D7000 online tutor video where the D7000 focuses a bit late and 'after' the skateboarder's jump -- what da' h* is that all about?


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