New gallery of old FZ20

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Re: Nice to see

RunningTurtle wrote:

This shows I'm not the only one wondering why digital sensors need to be put inside bodies designed for film decades ago. I participially find mirrors annoying and something of a joke in 2010.

When companies finally do ditch this legacy we will be all looking back and will ask why this didn't happen any earlier. I think companies just want to keep people with old lenses happy. DSLR bodies are bundled with cheap lenses but proper glasses are extortionate. My question: are those L/USM lenses ten times better than a Leica on an FZ, beacuse they cost that much? Or is it because of the economy of scale and not image quality? To me this is just another example of 'razor and blade business model'.

Thanks for comments and happy new year!

A recent Nikon advertisement touts the fact that they have produced 5 million lenses. So yes it is big and probably the best part of their business. while also helping to maintain brand loyalty. The ultimate razor blade. I guess I can't blame them for keeping the FZ type of camera in a niche that doesn't disturb this business plan.

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