7D image quality inferior to 550D?? What the...

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Re: 7D image quality inferior to 550D?? What the...

The sharpness of the two cameras in the test images is exactly the same. The exposure of the 7D images are a little lower which makes the 550D images jump out just that little bit more. If they had used the same exposure on both cameras you wouldn't see any difference at all.

The conclusion that the 550D is sharper is wrong and proves the guy who did the test has no idea what he was doing.

Note that I don't have any of the two cameras nor do I intend to buy any of them. Just looking at the test images.

For the guy saying he has the same experience he probably has to get used to the 7D more because you should get exactly the same quality images given that both cameras use virtually the same sensor.

Anyways, comparing test images at this sort of enlargements and at ISO 12800 [and using auto mode] is a complete waste of time.

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