PEN: Bringing generations together (E-PL1 + G.Zuiko 40mm f/1.4)

Started Dec 25, 2010 | Discussions thread
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PEN: Bringing generations together (E-PL1 + G.Zuiko 40mm f/1.4)

OK, this is not some soft hearted photo series of grandchildren and grandparents, although...

No, this is about the PEN E-PL1 meeting up with the PEN G.Zuiko 40mm f/1.4 lens of another era.

I found this lens in a camera shop earlier this week and got it at a reasonable price of €85. The adapter was ordered from Rainbow imaging and crossed the Atlantic in under two days (ordered and shipped from NYC on wednesday, arrived by mail on Friday in Holland). That's just in time for some shooting during my upcoming X-mas trip to Rome...

So, what does it look like to couple this old lens on the new camera, all bearing the same PEN branding? Actually, it looks pretty darn good:

As you can see in the photo, it matches the E-PL1 very well in size. Its weight is 'hefty' compared to the current m4/3 lenses. I's say its the difference between plastic and steel. That does mean it tips over, hence the lens cap under the lens...

The adapter is well engineered and fits the camera very well. My only complaint would be that the mount plate on the lens side is larger than the lens base. It could have looked a little bit more finished, but what can you expect for €25 including shipping?

So far, it's been a joy using this lens. Great for portraiture, close-up, and other short tele work. I would plea to Olympus to reinstate this old design and sell heaps of them. I haven't made any real image tests, but impressions are very good. Distortion is very limited (if not absent), no vignetting, sharpnes in the center very good, bokeh nice. But I need some more exploring to give the final word on it. Here's just one shot, showing short DOF:

So, the one bad thing is that the PEN F -> NEX adapter is cheaper than the m4/3 adapter. That's a real shame, since it means there will be Olympus PEN lenses on those ultramodern NEX-camera's... It should be forbidden!

Will share more as I return from my Rome trip. Thinking about a theme like: Rome by Prime, and taking only the 20mm, 40mm, and an 85mm or 135mm lens.

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