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Re: a dot in the photo

Spots that become more noticeable at small apertures are due to dust or other junk on the sensor assembly. I have had D- slrs since the original digital Rebel and this has always been a nuisance. My 40d and Rebel t1i has the sensor shaking cleaner, which I suppose helps but doesn't eliminate the problem. Even with the most careful procedure for lens changing, crud can appear at any time. Clean today... spot(s) tomorrow. I previously used the various clean and test pic procedures, which is time consuming and frequently frustrating. About a year ago, I purchased the VisibleDust Sensor 7x loupe. Not cheap, but wow this device allows you to see clear anything on the sensor. No need to clean and test... just look. On a recent trip to Miami Beach my nearly new t1i developed a pronounced spot in the sky at f11. I didn't bring my sensor cleaning stuff, but when I returned home, I removed the lens, activated the manual clean function, examined the lens with LED lighted loupe. I could very clearly see a large piece of lint or similar thread thread junk plus a very small u- shaped piece of a similar material. I used the air bulb (some now have a micron filter to avoid blowing dirty air). Checked with the loupe and the large piece was gone. The smaller piece as still stuck, but is too small to be an issue in the bottom of the frame. Always cleaned the sensors myself when the spots became too annoying. I have more confidence now with the loupe. I wonder about the new camera designs were the sensor is totally exposed during a lens change.


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