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Why are you so worried?

jeffcpix wrote:

If everything is made in China, where will the wages of
the consumers in the rest of the world come from to buy the Chinese made

Can an economy based solely on the 'service sector' survive?

That’s not going to happen, and those are not the only industries for any country.

Or should a country sell it's natural resources to the highest bidder until they
are totally depleted? And then what?

Natural resources are going to deplete (anyway), the Earth is going to die, and then what?

Protectionist tactics to insure the stability of vital national resources and
a sustainable level of industrial capacity should not be ignored lest
we find ourselves vassal states.

How so??? I remember your talking about free trade not long ago.

Which should we be more concerned about, raising the standards of living

of the developing world or making sure we don't 'give away the store' and find ourselves impoverished by debt (sound familiar)?

Are you kidding? Do you really believe that the US debts are the results of helping to raise the standard of living of developing countries? Do some research please.

China and India will do to the US and Europe exactly what the US did to
England and Europe over the past 150 years: out-sell them, out-buy them
and out-produce them. It remains to be seen whether the result will
be the largest environmental catastrophe in industrial history.

At least China and India are going to colonize you.

People seem to forget the a few thousand years ago, China and India

were on the cutting edge. Civilzation seems to move from East to West -- inexhorably.

I think you are talking about technology.

Perhaps in 3011, Western Civilization will be back in the Dark Ages and
Chindian will be the lingua franca.

Yeah, lots of Chindians are speaking fluent English already. So how’s your Putonghua and Hindi? But why worry? You are not going to live that long.

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