K-5 in depth score vs. 7D

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Re: But what would the K5 score last year?!

Alastair Norcross wrote:

lifeflaw wrote:

Anyway, grading does depend on the present competitor cameras.

I entirely agree, and that was my point (go back and read it). When they reviewed the K5, the grading depended on the competitor cameras, one of which is the 7D. The scores given to the K5 are explicitly relative to the scores given to the 7D. So, the 83 given to the K5 and 84 given to the 7D are directly comparable. Why do you think DPR allows you to select a camera with which to compare the reviewed model, and overlay the scores? You tried to imply that the 7D's 84 somehow couldn't be compared with the K5's 83.

If you agree with me that the grading depends on the present competitor cameras, then I expect you to agree that it is only valid on a temporary basis. "Present competitor cameras" represent only a temporary variable, and hence a transient and non-absolute reference point. As I understand from your previous replies, you claim that the scores are valid indefinitely. Of course, I cannot agree.

7D scored 84 compared to what? 5Dii scored 79 compared to what? Etc. These products are being compared to other products available when the review was conducted. The fact that someone is using temporary commodities as a reference point, contradicts the validity of the scoring system in the long term. DPR allows you to push a button and get a list of other DSLRs, yet this does not change the fact that their scores are valid only for a limited period of time.

Since we both agree that "the grading depends on present competitor cameras", and I hope you agree that the competitor cameras present in December 2011 are much better than those that were available last year when 7D's review was published. In other words, the K5 scored an 83% when compared to more capable DSLRs, while 7D was compared to less capable DSLRs from yesteryear. Hence in my original post, I said that 7D would score less if reviewed now, and accordingly I titled my post the way I did. I will repeat that K5 might score more than 90% if it were to be reviewed last year.

I guess any 7D owner would feel better if he believed that his camera's 84% is not temporary and is valid for as long as DPR continues to review new DSLRs. I totally understand this feeling.

That's nonsense, as you now admit.

It is more productive if you don't try to "admit" on my behalf.

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