Gitzo tripod, which one?

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Re: Gitzo tripod, which one?

I went through the same set of choices last year and, following a lot of advice I found at DPreview and elsewhere, went for the 3541XLS and a RRS BH-55. I take advantage of the extra leg extension (over the 3531) more often than I'd expected: uneven ground, shooting over peoples' heads, and so on. Gaining extra height at the additional tripod cost and weight was definitely a worthwhile thing to do. BTW, I also appreciate the length of the GM3550. As for rigidity: when you're talking about a Series 3 CF tripod, I doubt you'll notice any rigidity difference between 3 and 4 sections; the 3541 is quite stable when fully extended.

I do miss the center column on many occasions. It becomes tedious to adjust three legs instead of a center column. What I'd really like is a short column that can provide 6 inches or so of vertical adjustment without adding much weight.

I also have a 2531EX, though, and use it for much of my work. I'm shooting with a 1D Mark IV and my heaviest lens is the 100-400. If I was shooting with a 400 or larger, I'd use nothing but the 3541.


str8pipe wrote:

I'm in the process of purchasing a new tripod and my Manfrotto 055xPROB just isn't steady enough since I got bigger and heavier lenses. I was looking at both Gitzo 3531 and 3541 but I would like to hear some more advantages other than price and closed length comparing 3 and 4 sections legs. Common sense tells me that 3 sections should be sturdier than 4 comparing the diameter of the fourth section but the 3541 seems to be the most popular on this site.

Also, for those that don't have the center column, was there ever a time you wished you had it or is it a complete waste of money?

Happy Holidays


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