Made in China MANFROTTOs

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Re: Made in China MANFROTTOs

Never mind the facts, just write something that sound good.

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

john wrote:

personally I have no problems on where it made of, do you still think that all the tripod are produced by hand and measured by human eye? today all the tripod are mass produced by machine, it is no difference if it produced in usa, or china or even in mars, if you even visited these factory, they produces thousand of tripod in one hour.

Somehow I doubt they are making thousands of tripods per hour as there aren't that many being sold on a daily basis world wide.

Just like with film cameras . . .

Many think that Nikon is still running a factory churning out F6 film bodies on a daily basis, when in fact they haven't made one in over five years.

Sure they are still available, since they made a boatload of them to last for as long as people may still want to buy a film camera.

Looks like they'll have a stockpile of them for a long long time.

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