X100 Story - Chapter two: Viewfinder

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oh thanks

maxmelvin19 wrote:

The OVF actually shows a GREATER field of view than the lens and sensor captures. The bright frame lines in the OVF cover 90% of the whole field of view shown by the OVF but shows 100% of the image captured by the sensor.

Thanks for pointing out.

It seems to be your hobby horse to characterise the x100 as a point and shoot. As each new detail comes out about it and the evidence mounts up against that mischaracterisation you are resorting to constructing a straw man out of the specs for the camera.

Yes, I agree with you. He is unhappy that Fuji doesn't make the camera he would like them to make, and thus he is critisizing for the sake of criticism. Nothing serious, just a bit tiring to read this kind of rant over and over again.

To Hawaian Punch: I guess everybody has understood that you do not like the x100, so why not leave it at that and get on wtih your life?

You don't like the concept of the camera (you also don't seem to understand everything about it, but so what) --> you don't buy it --> you don't need to read and comment on every single thread about it. Less is more....


'All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice.' (Elliot Erwitt)

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