Dire Warning To Photographers !!!

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Ship your oversize kit with UPS or FedEx. /nt

JPG wrote:

This event was reported by local TV news.

It seems that a young photographer in Portland OR. has been making quite an excellent name for himself. He has been getting quite a few assignments and is very popular.

He was returning from an assingnment in Hawaii and had to change flights in San Francisco. When he got back to Portland, his luggage was not there, so he reported it as lost. What he had in what appeared to be a large duffle bag, was all of his photographic gear and all the images he had taken in Hawaii.

The security at the San Francisco airport found his duffle bag in the parking lot, -completely empty. Everything had been stolen.

To make matters worse, he was suppose to leave almost immediately for another assignment. However, now he has no equipment to work with and his insurance will not be able to help him in time and the work did in Hawaii is forever gone.

This is not the first time I have heard that airport baggage handlers are a bunch of thieves. Since you are no longer allowed to lock your check--in baggage, you are extreamly vulnerable to baggage handler thieves.

Carry your valuable stuff with you at all times. I don't know, but maybe this particular photographer had too much stuff to carry on, otherwise he should have known better.

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