Dire Warning To Photographers !!!

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Keep some eggs in separate baskets

Don't put all gear or work in any single place. It's OK to check-in bulky accessories as luggage for the plane's hold, since it is hard for thieves to conceal or "fence," and you probably can't carry it on-board anyway.

To put all work on a single 64GB card is not a good idea either. I would not even put all cards in a single pocket or wallet. They are too easy to lose and a mistake or failure could entail loss of too much.

Thieves are everywhere, not just in baggage handling. Owners everywhere are also absent-minded, over-trusting, or occasionally enebriated. You put a bag under the table or seat and ... guess what?

There is also something to be said for investing only in cheap devices or insuring the expensive ones. I can lose or drop a $400 camera and get over my tears soon enough. Loss of a $200 one justifies only a good shout of "O.S.!" But I'd not want to imagine losing $3k or more worth of equipment in a single fumble or mishap.

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