Essential Tools for Pro Photographer?

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Re: something here hit me....age...youth sells to youth...

Richard Katris wrote:

and youth is the market she will be selling to as she the poster above noted...he is already working on ad campaigns and has been for 7 years...and is now 18???!!!

I believe it...often who you know...and the areas of contact make the job offers...a kid who does a sport has an in with others in that sport. and likely they have similar tastes in photos...which may likely not be what a seasoned pro would provide...

I often see work I do not like....either bad composition or blown highlights, or off color...yet I hear they are a hot young photog.. So...technical may be far less important that the eye...and an eye to what the person's peers and potential market like.....
Richard Katris aka Chanan

lol, ive been shooting 7 years, ive only been shooting "professionally" for about 2.

additional advice for the OP on this topic, dont jump into paid gigs right off the bat, not only will you tend to dissapoint the client and yourself, you could devalue the market and end up hurting your craft more than helping it.

my advice is to shoot what you love, and eventually work will stem from that. perfect what you like then charge for it

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be wrong.


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