Why don't Canon people want the Nikon fast-FPS crop feature?

Started Dec 19, 2010 | Discussions thread
Silverback1988 Contributing Member • Posts: 706
I am with you, zerozeronine !

I completely agree with you for that feature.

I use 5DII, and sometime (when focal length limited) want to crop the image

directly on camera rather than crop it later on the computer. With that feature, I will get smaller RAW file also.
It's more efficient.

Increasing the fps when in crop mode will be appreciated, although 3 fps is already plenty for me.

Canon G10 have similar feature too.
When choosing lower resolution, we get additional zoom (not fps),
but unfortunately, that in JPG only.
This feature will not be available on RAW.

My imagination is someday DSLR body will have zoom button (T & W) just like ps camera. That button will control masking, in other word, cropping.
Live view will make this easier. With optical viewfinder, I don't have any clue.


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