Made in China MANFROTTOs

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Re: Made in China MANFROTTOs

I'm on both sides of the fence here. I recently sold my Italian made Manfrotto tripod and bought a Chinese made carbon Horus Bennu. I couldn't be happier. I get a lighter (1/3 the weight), brand new well made tripod for less money than I got for the used Manfrotto. The workmanship, the head, the leg clamps, all seem better than the Manfrotto. It really is an exceptional product.

My race Mountain Bike frame is also made in Chine, its a Carbon monocoque full suspension frame, leading edge technology, and openly manufactured in China. The company (Ibis) is open and transparent about the manufacturing. The bike is flawless and amazing.

There has been some recent contoversy in the Swiss watch industry, when it became apparent that many of the parts used in swiss watches were sourced in China. This forced the Swiss watch industry to change the way they qualified "swiss made", but still leaves the dorr open for a large percentage of Chinese sourced parts. The watches are still excellent and do not suffer from the Chinese content.

I also have a pair of Patagonia hiking boots, which I was disappointed to see were made in China... but the quality is outstanding, the fit extremely comfortable and overall, after 2 years, I would rate them up there with the best Italian boots I've owned.

But i have a 2 yr old daughter, and quite frankly, I'm afraid of toys made in China.
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