E-5 Raw noise performance = E-30/ ballpark E-3's

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Re: E-5 vs. 620 (bobn2 said ...

Adjuster wrote:

Before I decided to buy the E-5, I got a demo, placed it and my 620 on a tripod, set them up the same and shot a bunch of photos at 1600. The E-5 was so much better, I bought one the next day. So, folks like Mason who actually use the camera, are correct.

Funny thing. The demo and my camera both had a 12-60 lens. The demo lens was much sharper at 60 than mine. So it is now in the hands of Olympus repair. Thank you Olympus rep.

Two other thoughts.

  • All this is conditional on 1600 being the same for both cameras. Has this been tested?

  • Isn't it wonderful that all the cameras in this discussion produce good images. We have come such a long way in the last ten years, it is amazing. Given that pixel peeping is the only way to separate them, it is the features that make the difference. For me, it is the size, quality and price of the Olympus lenses and the articulating LED screen. Lovely to have such choices.

.... that the both cameras were set to RAW. However, you have not even mention format. He was comparing E-30 and E-5 set to RAW. That what DPreview said in The Final word about E-620:

"When we reviewed the Olympus E-30, we said it was the best Four Thirds DSLR yet - it didn't hold on to that crown for long. The E-620 crams most of the E-30's feature set into a much smaller, much less expensive package that competes more convincingly with its peers than any Four Thirds camera we've yet seen."

If the E-30 by bobn2 as E-5 then E-620 in RAW should not be so "so much better". I am with bobn2. I am keeping E-620 just because of Olympus lenses not because I like E-620 noise.

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