70-300 or so reccomendations for a Nikon d7000 or d300s...

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Re: 70-300 or so reccomendations for a Nikon d7000 or d300s...

Anders W wrote:

Melbourne Park wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Here's a third review of the Tamron based on FX, in this case Nikon D700. While it does not include a direct comparison with the Nikkor 70-300, the lens clearly does well and the two sample pictures (one at 70 mm, one at 300) certainly look more than OK to me.


And you'll find more of the same out there if you go looking.

Another issue is playing it safe. I imagine the service for Nikon in South America would be more reliable perhaps than with Tamron. Let alone one bought in Europe or the USA.

It is also possible that when a new Nikon camera comes along, that the Tamron might not perform correctly on it, while the Nikon would, as Nikon have a commitment to maintain compatibility for their own lenses. But not always other brands.

I'm not trying to argue that Tamron is the better option on all counts. I just wanted to redress the balance a bit with regard to what we currently know about the optical performance of the two lenses. Right now, it seems many copies of the Tamron have exposure issues but I hope and think that problem will be properly addressed within the near future. I am also aware of the compatibility risks that exist with regard to future cameras, for reasons spelled out by jtra. On the other hand, I have rarely, if ever, heard about cases where third-party lenses have left people permanently stranded due to compatibility issues. If a problem turns up a few years down the line, it is usually fixed by the manufacture by a chip- or firmware update. But let me know if I am wrong here.

I've read the reverse with Nikon - that several third party lenses will not fully operate on some of their latest cameras. But perhaps that just due to those complaining? Or maybe some have an agenda? One never knows for sure when one is repeating what others have said. But you know - even Panasonic did not allow Olympus's Four Thirds lenses to auto focus on Panasonics first micro four thirds cameras. And Panasonic knew all about those lenses, which conformed to the same standard that Panasonic were highly familiar with. The second generation of micro FT Panasonics will focus those lenses however.

The other issue is recommending a third party lens to a new Nikon D7000 owner. Its a new camera, and if anything goes wrong, the blame could easily land back on the third party lens, because its not a Nikon one. It seems a risky strategy, especially when one is not a D7000 owner, and does not have lots of experience with the lenses one is recommending.

If one did have a D7000, and had a third party lens, then advising someone to buy it could make a lot of sense. Because the benefits and disadvantages would be provided with based upon first hand experience.

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