Scanning Film Negatives

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graybalanced Veteran Member • Posts: 5,565
Re: Scanning Film Negatives

cg_25 wrote:

I just tried with the scanner I have now and my negatives showed up very flat.

I scan mine very flat on purpose. I would rather make the major clipping/contrast/color adjustments in decent photo editing software where I can accurately see what is going on. Most scanner software, especially at the consumer end, feels like a blunt instrument.

Most people do want a good scan right out of the scanner. You'll need to get good at manipulating its image adjustment controls. At least be able to set black point and white point properly, that would make the most difference in initial quality. The software's Auto mode might be satisfactory, you should try it.

Most importantly, make sure the scanner utilty is set for negatives. Especially color negatives, which have a very different nature from slides or black and white film and need to have the amber film color removed.

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