Live view instead of digital image in GH2 viewfinder?

Started Dec 21, 2010 | Discussions thread
Sean Nelson
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Re: Live view instead of digital image in GH2 viewfinder?

Adventsam wrote:

Bill, you've completely lost me with this one, am not getting your problem? Are you talking about shooting stills whilst moving the camera, possibly during a burst?

My understanding of his question is that he's trying to track something that moves fast and randomly like, for example, a basketball player. The small lag between the actual action and the image on the LCD / in the EVF means that it's extremely difficult to track such an object.

The best way to do it is to zoom back a bit so you have a generous margin around your subject. That way the subject is less likely to bound outside the field of view and you can crop down to the framing you'd like.

Of course if that's not what his question is then my comments don't apply.

Edit: - OK, I see that is what his question is. In that case I suspect my comment above is likely to be useful.

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