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I am sure Made in China will improve in the long run like how Japan did it. Few decades ago, Made in Taiwan was like Made in China but they improved their products a lot.

Having said that, look at the Apple products, top notch quality but read what the workers had to do

"After a string of self-inflicted deaths at iPhone- and iPad-manufacturing Foxconn factories in China, employees are being asked to sign no-suicide pledges, according to a Taiwanese cable news report passed on by Australia's Sydney Morning Herald. The company is also surrounding its buildings with nets to catch jumpers."

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Glad I saw this post. I have quite a few Manfrotto products. I will not be buying Made In China products from them though. If I want inexpensive China made products I will buy the no name copies of the name branded stuff. I am not going to pay name brand prices for Chinese made products though. I have yet to see a high quality made Chinese product, in photography, tools, auto parts, household items, etc. It's pretty amazing that 15 - 20 years ago we were all complaining about made in Tiawan items. That is now the good stuff in terms of asian imports.

I grew up at a time when "Made in Japan" was a guarantee of plasticky copies.

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