Young Model [4 Imgs] w/Setup

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Re: Young Model [4 Imgs] w/Setup

So the only thing I got right (I think) was the brand, the octabox, and 1 of the background lights! LOL Oh well.

I guess I just got lucky by accident because my black AB's are AB400's and my yellow AB's are AB800's. One of the best accidents I have had.

Have a wonderful Christmas proudfather. And thanks for sharing your images with us this year! Always great to see your work.


proudfather wrote:

I'm too much of an idiot to keep things color coordinated (which I should've done from the start). The black and green ones are AB800's, while the yellow one is an AB1600 (reduced power to balance with its counterpart). I thought about using the 1600 for the mainlight and the 800's both for the BG. Alas, I was simply too lazy to switch them.

The hairlight is just a small MedaLight that I've had for 20 years. No need to replace it until it goes south. It's very light weight, which is why it stays permanently mounted on that boom.


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